A writer is basically a storyteller,
and all my life I've loved hearing people's stories and telling them.
(With a little embellishment, of course.) They seem to rest in a special place in my mind, and whenever I have a peaceful moment they drift into my consciousness.
Originally from Michigan, I landed in Syracuse, New York, after attending Syracuse University. I worked as a reporter for several years before becoming the corporate marketing director of The Pyramid Companies for whom I opened shopping malls throughout the Northeast. I drew from this highly charged environment to write my 2nd novel,
The whole time I was racing from town to town opening malls, I lived on a hundred-acre farm outside the small village of Cazenovia, NY, where I raised my two children, Jessica and David. I tried to inject the unique and wonderful flavor of the people of this small farming community into the characters in SHADOWS IN THE GRASS, my first novel.
I'm always thrilled when people say my books are character driven, because that's where I always start. I have to know my characters, who of course, are always intriguing, before I put them in harms way...or get them romantically involved.

Welcome to the Site of
Rose Senehi
The women in my novels are their own heroes because that's what I witnessed as I worked my way up the corporate ladder. We've come a long way since then. I remember when I was on the road opening malls in the 70s. I didn't dare tell anyone I had two children. Years later, no one seemed to be concerned when a corporate executive from one of the major chains walked into my mall office six months pregnant.
One cold, hard winter's day in 1996, a headhunter called me. It was ten degrees in Upstate, NY, and I was already overspent on my mall snow removal budget even though it was only January 10th. I glanced at the USA Today map and saw it was seventy degrees in Myrtle Beach and jumped at the offer to manage the Myrtle Beach Factory Stores. From there, I managed Broadway at the Beach before becoming a realtor specializing in oceanfront condominiums and homes in Pawleys Island.
My third novel,
Pelican Watch, reflects my warm feelings for the South and the wonderful people I've come to know in Pawleys Island and Murrells Inlet.
The Blue Ridge Series
I have owned a place in the mountains since 2004 and have centered the last five of my eight novels:IN THE SHADOWS OF CHIMNEY ROCK, THE WIND IN THE WOODS, RENDER
and CAROLINA BELLE around Western North Carolina's Hickory Nut Gorge and the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains. I have tried to write with empathy about the universal desire to hold onto ones land and heritage against the forces that are changing the places we love. It is my hope that this series will not only entertain people and create a fascinating mosaic of the history of the area, but paint a broad picture of the pressures on the Southern Blue Ridge and those who are working to preserve it.
I am now living and writing full-time in Chimney Rock, N.C.

Emoke B'Racz, the founder of Malaprop's Book & Cafe, and Downtown Books and News in Asheville, NC, was kind enough to write the following review for the back cover of CAROLINA BELLE: "A love story. A history of the love of apples and the apple orchardists of Henderson County, NC. I finished the book and was sorry to leave the landscapes and the people, and wanted to start my own apple tree from seed. Senehi does not disappoint this reader n her latest novel--elegance of everyday living, well presented and not dramatized, and close to a perfect story."